Corresponds to Single Man / Two Man CQB

  • Intro

  • Safety considerations

  • Fundamentals of CQB

  • Approach to structure

  • Threat / non threat identifiers

  • Human considerations regarding scan and assessing in a CQB environment

  • Solo CQB / Active Shooter response and clear

  • 2-man CQB / Active Shooter response and clear

  • Low light concerns and deployment

  • FTX force on force scenarios

This class is designed to instill in officers safe and effective ways to respond to Active Shooter/killer situations. The need for a swift, well-coordinated response in these situations is critical in mitigated loss of life as well as ensuring the situation is contained.  This 2-day course will cover topics that aid in the officer’s daily duties as well as give them the tools to handle even the most extreme of situations.  This will be done by covering topics such as,

Handgun Basics, Tactical Emergency Medicine, Simulator, Force on Force Scenario Based and Terrorism.



Duty BDU’s or appropriate street attire including duty belts with gear or full tactical vests with armor, gloves, eyepro, earpro.Patrol pistol/rifle (if applicable), 50-75 rounds of pistol-rifle ammunition, 100 rounds rifle and 100 rounds pistol simunition or utm minimum.

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