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Corresponds to Patrol Rifle 2-man Tactics

  • Intro

  • Safety considerations

  • 2 man movement with rifle

  • Basics of CQB

  • Patrolling mindset, maintaining the OODA Loop

  • Entry and clearing techniques

  • Muzzle awareness

  • Threat / non threat identifiers

This course is designed for all patrol officers who have taken Level 1.  This training involves higher stress situations, a better understanding of Close Quarter Battle (CQB), and advanced skills required to take move to the next level.  This training is designed to advance knowledge skills and abilities of the officer, to a higher degree.  Most of the training is designed for building entry and immediate action of hostile and dangerous situations where life and death are imminent.    


The class is mostly dynamic and active, showing several different types or real world scenarios and forcing spit second decision making in a safe environment.  The course is designed to teach the trainee how to properly move as a single and/or two officer team using advanced and small unit tactic to overcome dangerous threats in a live fire shoot-house environment.


Patrol pistol/rifle (if applicable), 50-75 rounds of pistol ammunition, 50 rounds rifle and 25 rounds of Simunition or utm minimum, three magazines, web gear or duty leather and holster, eye and ear protection, and appropriate attire (i.e.- BDU’s or patrol uniform) and armor.

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