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This 24 hour course is designed to provide departmental heads, team leaders, and any officers in a Firearms Instructor billet with the knowledge and skills required to efficiently and safely instruct and perform training within a live fire ballistic shoot house. The course will instill the trainee with the tools to develop safe movement boundaries, target placement, and courses of fire within the house and allow them to develop scenarios they may utilize amongst their departments.

  • Topics covered in this 3 day course include:

  • Shoot house design, construction and safety aspects

  • Instructor development

  • Fundamentals of room clearing refresher

  • Simunition scenarios and walk-through demonstrations

  • Developing training outlines for use in the house

  • Scenario building exercises

  • Live-fire shoot house drills

  • Teach backs of student courses of fire.

  • Written and practical exam

24 Hours|$500


Duty pistol for live fire portion, 100 rounds ammunition, 50 rounds of Simuntion™ (optional), duty magazine load-out, duty holster, eye and ear protection, note taking materials, BDU’s or appropriate daily uniform attire, body armor.

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